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Welcome to Zirkon Kovassy Dental Implantology and Dental Surgery Center!

Our British-Hungarian Dentistry is a licensed, full service facility, providing dental care to patients of all ages and dental needs. We have 25 years experience and many satified clients from all around Europe.

Nothing Impossible

At our Dental Center nothing is impossible. Do come and see us, talk to our doctors and surgeons.
There will come the time when you will not have to hide your face when smiling because of your bad teeth.
Just think of it carefully: how many oral and dental problems do we have to face during our lifetime? A toothache, a bleeding gum, an inflamed wisdom tooth, tiny outgrowths on the tongue, or just a foul breath - all these problems can occur to anyone, anytime.

Zirkon Kovassy Dental, Implantology and Dental Surgery Centre can provide a solution to all oral diseases, problems, from the simplest tooth extraction to the more complex tooth implants, or oral surgery. By asking for an appointment you can reduce waiting time to the minimum.   (More...)

Why Zirkon Kovassy?

Our dental health care centre is equipped with the most modern and updated technology: digital X-ray, laser technology, professional computerized technology are helping our work.

By providing you with an airport transfer service for free, we can help you save on your travel expenses as well.

In our initial free medical sessions you will get from our doctors precise information on the treatment you will receive, and on the respective timing intervals.

And besides all this, our staff speak English.  (More...)

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