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Prosthetic Dentistry

1) Removable Dentures

There are partial and complete removable dentures, in the former case the position and the number of the teeth does not make it possible for a fixed denture to be placed.

In the latter case restoration can be done only with a removable complete denture.

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2) Dentures


koronaIn cases when a tooth is severely worn, or if we cannot repair it with any other conservative methods, the tooth is fitted with a crown, or a “cap”.
For the crown procedure the tooth is first prepared, i. e. drilled into a conical shape. Afterwards an impression mold is prepared, which is then used by the dental laboratory to prepare the crown. The “cap” thus prepared will cover the portion of the tooth remaining in the mouth cavity.
korona2Regarding their material, technology and function, Crowns crowns come in a large variety. Nowadays porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are the best option for this method.

These crowns have an underlying metal structure to ensure stability, whereupon there is a porcelain cover, which provides maximum aesthetic effect. The crown protects the tooth from cracks, preserves its color and is durable.


Bridges are fixed dentures for replacing missing teeth. It is very important that even the loss of one single tooth may cause problems (the contact point system is upset, a change in occlusion, the tooth opposite the missing one protrudes, etc),
so, it is advisable to be replaced. In such cases the teeth adjacent to the gap will tilt, the human body trying to solve the problem by itself, which is unfortunately not successful. The later the gap is filled, the more difficult the replacement will be.

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