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Dental Implants

Implantation is a feasible method to replace missing teeth at any age, irrespective of the number of teeth missing.


Dental practices show that the titanium implants considerably decrease the decay of the tooth bed, thus it is advisable that the implantation is done shortly after the loss of the tooth or teeth.

The tooth implantation method is especially suitable for replacing teeth lost in an accident, if the adjacent tooth is healthy and complete, and the patient does not want to have it chiseled.

This may also be a solution for preparing shorter bridges, in cases when the adjacent teeth are healthy, or if the back teeth supporting the bridge are missing.

implant2The replacement of a tooth does not mean any bigger stress to the patient than a regular extraction.
At some dental clinics, when implanting more than one root in one session, patients are sedated. After the surgery, minor discomforts may be encountered (swelling, pain), but these can be treated with medication.

Long-term benefits can be met only by strictly keeping to the oral hygiene rules. Although the implants have a stronger hold to the jaws than the roots of natural teeth, the bond to the gums is much weaker. Due to this, poor oral hygiene can cause much greater damages around the implants, than usual. Nevertheless, if the patient has  proper oral hygiene habits, the implants will last a lifetime.

Dental Implants F.A.Q.
The process of dental implantation-Zirconia

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