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Tooth whitening – The dental bleach enters the enamel cracks to dissolve the pigments of the stains and debris which had accumulated there.

The dental jewel is usually placed on one of the front teeth, at the edge of the tooth, or on the side, depending on your choice.
Dental porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dentistry method applied in case of serious discoloration of the teeth, or if whitening treatment was not satisfactory.


is a feasible method to replace missing teeth at any age, irrespective of the number of teeth missing. The process of dental implantation >>


partial and complete removable dentures, in the former case the position and the number of the teeth does not make it possible for a fixed denture (crowns, bridges)to be placed.


Bone replacement is deemed necessary in cases when there is no available bone with an adequate thickness to properly support the implant.

Sinus lift or Sinus Enlargement is a surgical method by which we can increase the amount bone tissue of the upper jaw, above the molars and premolars.

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