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Conditions of the use of Teddy Travel services

Conditions of the use of our services


1.  The order can be modified or cancelled free of charge till 24 hours prior to the trip. 50% of the value of the order has to be paid, if the order is cancelled on the day of the journey and 100% if the order is cancelled or modified within 4 hours prior to the trip.

2.  If the time of the homecoming changes then the customer has to indicate it 24 hours before the time. If it does not happen then point 2 comes into force.

3.   The customer has to inform us, if we must count with extra luggage quantity (over 2 luggage per person).

4. Transporting non-customary luggage (e.g. bicycle, dog, pram, etc.), if it is possible, the customer has to pay an additional charge that is 1.500 HUF.

5.   On arrivals 90 minutes waiting time can occur. If the minibus has to wait longer (and the transport organization makes it possible) then the passenger arriving late has to pay 5.000 HUF an hour for the chauffeur before departure.

If the minibus cannot wait 90 minutes then the passenger arriving late will be informed about the departure time of the next minibus.

6.   In case of several departure addresses 10 minutes waiting time can occur.

7.   Passengers are welcomed with a nametag in the arrival terminal.

8.  In case of lateness caused by non-impressionable events (e.g. accidents, etc.) we cannot take the responsibility. Safety routes are fixed to avoid these events.

9.   The journey time from the settlements in the Kőszeg, Körmend, Sárvár triangle is determined in the following chart according to the road conditions.


  Destination Destination Destination Destination
Period Budapest Vienna Graz Sármellék
March 1 – Nov 1 3 hours 1,5 hours 1,5 hours 1,5 hours
Nov 1 – March 1 3,5 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours


10. We cannot take responsibility for luggage left in our minibuses.

11. To settle the transfers we can employ sub-entrepreneurs. Complaints arising in connection with the sub-entrepreneurs service are forwarded to them. Teddy Travel Ltd. Offers its help to settle the problem but is not entitled to make a decision.

12. The service provider cannot take responsibility if the transfer is not realized because of unavoidable outer reason (e.g. terrorism, strike, epidemic, and disaster) moreover is not obliged to pay compensation for the customer’s damage if he proves that the damage is caused by an unavoidable outer reason. Thus the service provider is not obliged to pay compensation for delays caused by the previously mentioned reasons.

13. Customers have to pay compensation for damages caused to a third party or in the minibus during the transfer.

14. The customers commit themselves that they only take part on the transfers if their state of health makes it possible and do not suffer in diseases for which the journey means a risk. The customer takes part on the transfer on his own responsibility.

15.  We pay damages to our customer for the damages provably caused by our company.

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