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ZK Dental Guarantee

Our Dental Implantology and Dental Surgery Center is confident of the top quality of dental services we offer. All dental treatments are provided to the best of our ability and we always put a lot of effort ensuring that the best dental solution has been applied. Very occasionally however, treatments might not last as long as they should and this is when our guarantee applies.

The guarantee is provided by our center covers your dental work

incl. material used for the periods detailed below (it is counted from the completion of the original treatment):

  • Implant 5 years
  • Bridges, crowns, inlay   3 years
  • Veneers   3 years
  • Partial and full dentures 1 year
  • Fillings 1 year


In the case of implants the guarantee is only valid if the centre completes the full work i.e places the crown(s) and/or bridges as well.

The guarantee covers the work that has been performed in our clinics and does not include accommodation and travel.

The guarantee might be limited or void in the event of the following circumstances:

1. If oral hygiene is neglected
2. If the patient is naturally suffering from gum or teeth bone receding
3. If specific dentist instructions are NOT followed
4. If the patient later performs additional treatments by another dentist on the teeth covered by guarantee
5. If the patient fails to visit our dentist for a free check up at least once a year
6. If the patient suffers an illness that has negative effects on the general dental condition
7. Accidental damage, such us dropping dentures, is NOT covered by the guarantee

The guarantee does not include travelling and accommodation costs and is only valid for remedial dental work.

Upon completion of your treatment the centre issues a written guarantee. Read this carefully and keep it. You may need to produce this to start any remedial work under the terms of guarantee. In order to validate your guarantee it is mandatory to attend once a year at the centre!

Check ups are free!


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