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Dental F.A.Q.

  • Why Hungary?
  • Why Szombathely? Why ZK Dental Implantology and Dental Surgery Center?
  • Why are our prices lower than elsewhere?
  • How is an appointment made and what is the procedure of a full treatment?
  • Who can I turn to afterwards, if problems occur with the treatment just completed?
  • How long are the individual treatments?

Why Hungary? Dental Tourism in the heart of Europe

Hungary has allways been a popular target for dental patients arriving from Germany and Austria. The place that once had been “the meeting point” for many across Europe, has gradually become a primary focus in terms of different services, thus in dental treatments, too.

– The secret of success is that more and more people are experiencing that in Hungary we are working with material, equipment, and procedures of exactly the same quality as in their home countries, except that it is much cheaper.

Professional expertise
– In Hungary dental health care can be provided only by doctors holding a medical doctors’ degree issued by a government-run medical school university, specialized in dentistry. The high standards of the Hungarian dentistry schools has been acknowledged internationally by scholarship students and trainees arriving from many EU and other countries.
The basic training in dentistry (3 years of study) is followed by the different specializing trainings, such us dental surgery, implantology, etc. (+2 years of study).

Government Control – The operation of dentists, as well as the quality of their services must comply with the permit issued as per the control and check of the Hungarian Chamber of Dentists. All material and equipment used by the dentist must have an international quality certificate.

Why Szombathely? Why ZK Dental Implantology and Dental Surgery Center?

Besides those mentioned above, the German and Austrian dental tourism is rooted in the city’s proximity to the Austrian border. All your dental problems will be promptly solved by our doctors, who all have acquired and accumulated experience by having provided treatments for many foreign patients over the years.

Our dental health care centre is equipped with the most modern and updated technology: digital X-ray, laser technology, professional computerized technology are helping our work.

Here you can forget about the long waiting time, which is so characteristic of dental treatments in Great Britain, where there is a shortage of dentists.

By providing you with an airport transfer service for free, we can help you save on your travel expenses as well (info@zkdental.com).

In our initial free medical sessions you will get from our doctors precise information on the treatment you will receive, and on the respective timing intervals.

And besides all this, our staff speak English.

Why are our dental prices lower than elsewhere?

It is important to bear in mind that, dental treatment prices are rather cheap ONLY for foreigners. For the locals, who live by the average Hungarian life standards, these prices do mean about the same financial burden as the ones our foreign customers meet in their own countries.
You can take advantage of this price difference between our countries.

How is an appointment made and what is the procedure of a full treatment?

Important! On behalf of personal data protection and the terms of patient`s rights full-scale information about our dental treatments can be claimed on info@zkdental.com.

Getting in touchRegister with us, ask us to return your call (see left side menu), or contact our colleagues!
Depending on of which way of contact you`ve chosen in a short time you will receive an email, in which you will find the undermentioned information together with the attachment of the guarantee of our dental services.
We will forward your data to our colleague, who will call you on phone to clarify the dental problem for which you are seeking our advice.

Quotation, making an appointment – Based on the symptoms thus communicated to us, we will put together a quote, which will contain the prices of all necessary treatments and the timing of each of these. As soon as you accept the quote, we will proceed to make an appointment.

Travel – All bookings concerning air travel and accommodation linked to the appointment you received for the treatment will have to be taken care of by yourself.
However the following menus may help you in this. Travel,Hotel  (If you need help in booking accommodation, please, contact our colleague.)
Our colleague will check with you the exact time, date and place of arrival and departure (info@zkdental.com).
You will be taken by our free airport transfer service to your hotel in Szombathely, and you will also be taken back to the respective airport when you are leaving.

How to get to our Dental Center – At the reception of the hotel, maps of the way from the hotel to the dental clinic are available, which distance is short enough to be done on foot (except from Sunset Motel).
With Szombathely being a city of human proportions, and the dental center being in a rather central location, you will have an easy job getting there. Getting around within the city is fastest and cheapest by taxi. If you prefer to rent a car instead, the hotel receptionists will be eager to help you.

Leisure activities – For passing the time in a pleasant and useful way between the individual treatments, you may find plenty of information at the menu point Info Szombathely; or at the reception desk of your hotel.

Who can I turn to afterwards, if problems occur with the treatment just completed?

You can find all information regarding this issue in the contract, the text of which can be read here.

How long are the individual dental treatments?

The duration of the treatments mentioned in our webpage is only estimated – each case is individual.

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